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(Canh Đậu Hủ Non) Making Soup With Young Tofu And Vegetables

Tofu is a kind of healthy, frugal and easy to process food. It can be cooked into delicious dishes by frying, stir-frying, cooking with sauce, and poaching, etc.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Course: weight loss
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Keyword: canh-dau-hu-non-recipe, soup-with-young-tofu-and-vegetables-recipe
Calories: 2050kcal


  • 1 bar of Young Tofu (or Tofu - đậu phụ)
  • 50 grams of shiitake
  • 100 grams of cauliflower
  • 1 coffee spoon of White sugar
  • 2 branches of spring onion
  • Half a bulb of garlic
  • Half a piece of American corn
  • A arrot
  • 1 coffee spoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetarian broth mix
  • 1 coffee spoon of grinded pepper
  • 500 ml of water


  • Put shiitake into a big bow with a liter of water, let the shiitake in the water within 20 minutes until it expands and becomes soft.
    When shiitake expands, we rinse it with water several time to make it clean. And if the shiitake is of big size then we cut it into two halves as shown in the picture.
  • Split cauliflower into bite-sized pieces then put into dilute bittern for 5 minutes. After that, take out and drain.
  • Trim carrot flowers, then cut the carrot into 5mm thick pieces. (If you don't like flowers, you can slice carrots.) Split the corn in half, then cut the corn into 1cm thick pieces.
    Put the young tofu (đậu hủ non) with diluted bittern then rinse with fresh water and drain it. Cut tofu (đậu hủ non) into 2x2cm square pieces. (Or you can use a knife to cut tofu to get the shape like what you want).
  • Turn on the stove, put a pot on the stove, add a tablespoon of oil and then add garlic, wait until the garlic becomes fragrant. Add 500ml of water and boil.
  • Add 500ml of water, a coffee spoon of salt and a coffee spoon of sugar into the pot. Put the lid on and cook until vegetables become soft.
  • When the soup boils, open the pot lid, add shiitake and cauliflower, continue cooking for 4 minute, we will get the vegetables ready to eat.
  • When the soup boils again, continue putting young tofu into the pot, keep on cooking for 3 minutes more. If you find out that there is a quite large proportion of vegetables inside the soup pot, you should take some out.
    Thus, when we add tofu in, tofu will not become crushed. If the tofu has been cooked properly, we gently put the shiitake aside and put the vegetables back into the pot.)
  • Turn off the stove, add 1 tablespoon of vegetarian mushroom broth mix, adjust the soup to match the taste. Cut spring onion into 2cm pieces, chop cilantro finely and put them into the soup.
  • Gently pour the soup into a bowl so that tofu does not get crushed, sprinkle with a little grinded pepper and eat while the soup is still hot. Wish you success with this frugal soup!