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(Bí Đao Nhồi Sườn Hấp) How To Make The Dish Of Squashes Filled With Steam Ribs

Weekend is an ideal occasion to think about trying the dish of squashes filled with steam ribs, which is so eye-catching and new-tasteful, to find a new cloud in meals with family
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Course: weight loss
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Keyword: bi-dao-nhoi-suon-hap-recipe, squashes-filled-with-steam-ribs-recipe
Calories: 1956kcal


  • Squash 500 gr
  • Uncooked Leg Joint 200 gr
  • Mince onion 1 soup spoon
  • Salt ½ coffee spoon
  • Sugar 1 coffee spoon
  • Chop rib 500 gr
  • Mushroom 50 gr
  • Mince Green onion 1 soup spoon
  • Broth mix ½ coffee spoon


  • Mince garlic 1 soup spoon
  • White sugar 3 soup spoons
  • Water 50 ml (water used to boil ribs)
  • Mince chile 1 soup spoon
  • Fish sauce 2 soup spoons
  • Dilution Ratio of Tapioca starch 50 ml


  • 500 gr Squash without leaves, clean, slice in a form of cylinder with 3 cm in length. Use a tool or spoon to leave out the inner part.
  • Boil 500 gr chop ribs with little salt, 1 branch of green onion and some slices of ginger. Boil in about 30 minutes until the rib becomes soft and then put them out.
    Choose the thick chop ribs and small bone to get results quicker.
  • Mix 200 gr leg joint, 50 gr mushroom with the spice of Mince onion 1 soup spoon, Mince Green onion 1 soup spoon, salt ½ coffee spoon,Broth mix ½ coffee spoon, sugar 1 coffee spoon.
  • Sprinkle some tapioca starch around the inside side of the cylinder squash. Using uncooked leg joint to cover around the rib ( just 1 head), and then stuff this rib into the squash fully.
    Put squash into the plate before steaming in 20 minutes with boiled water.
  • Making sauce: make the pan hot with little cooking-oil. Put mince ginger 1 soup spoon into boiling cooking-oil, mince chile 1 soup spoon, sugar 3 soup spoon and fish sauce 2 soup spoons , and then mix wholly together into the pan.
    Hold the water using to boil ribs and pour into the sauce about 50 ml, wait until the mixture is boiled, so pour Dilution Ratio of Tapioca starch 50 ml to concentrate before turning off the gas stove.
    Using the boiled ribs water to make the sauce will help the dish be tastier.
  • Put the squash into the plate and then cover with the sauce. Probably eat with rice. Ribs are cooked wholly, and infiltrated into the spice mixing with uncooked leg joint, and gently sweet squashes accompanied with a thick sauce.
    Don’t hesitate to try making this eye-catching and tasty dish for the whole family.