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(Cá Diêu Hồng Hấp Nấm) How To Make Delicious Steamed Red Snapper With Mushroom

Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and essential fatty acids, fish is also a good source of protein, an important nutrient for weight loss. An effective way to lose weight indispensable for a healthy menu and effective weight loss with delicious dishes from steamed fish is the smart choice for you.
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Course: weight loss
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Keyword: ca-dieu-hong-hap-nam-recipe, steamed-red-snapper-with-mushroom-recipe
Calories: 1019kcal


  • 1 fish Red Snapper (about 800gr)
  • 3 ears Shiitake, slice in pieces
  • 1 bulb Onions
  • 20 gr Shredded Shallots
  • 50 gr Shredded Onion
  • 1 Green Onion - A little
  • 0.5 kg Bok Choy
  • 1 Oyster sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, salt, sugar, seasoning powder
  • 1 Minced garlic, finely chopped ginger
  • 1 large Tomato
  • 30 g Dried mushrooms, soaked in water
  • 1 Ginger
  • 1 Chopped Green Onion
  • 1 soy sauce
  • 1 oyster sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Sesame Oil
  • 2 tablespoon Rice Wine
  • 1 Black pepper


  • Mushrooms soak in hot water for 20-25 minutes to soften.
    Gently squeeze out the water from the mushrooms. Then remove stalk, cut into small pieces
  • steamed-red-snapper-with-mushroom-recipe-6
  • Sliced tomatoes, green onions cut into matchsticks shape. Peeled ginger, cut into matches.
  • Rinse the fish both inside and outside under cold water and dry with a paper Using a sharp knife, gently slash 3 diagonal lines on the fish body on both sides.
  • Arrange tomatoes on a heat-resistant plate to facilitate steaming.  Put the fish on top.
  • Mix soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and rice wine in a small bowl and add the pepper.
  • Pour the sauce over fish and sprinkle with mushrooms, sliced ginger. Cover it and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.
  • Prepare a large pan, enough of the rack to support the pan to a small distance from the surface of the pan.
    Then, remove the fish, put the fish plate on a rack and boil water in the pan, steam for about 20 minutes until the fish is fragrant. Can be used the cover to cook quickly.
  • When the fish is almost cooked, about 2 minutes left, add the green onions.