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(Cá Lóc Hấp Bầu) Snakehead Fish Steamed With Bottle Gourd - “Miracle Weigh Reducing” Menu

Snakehead fish steamed (cá lóc hấp bầu) with gourd is one of delicious, favorite steamed fish dish.  How to cook snake fish, the fish meat texture is delicious, in combination with mild sweet bottle gourd that one can enjoy with spicy herbs to create extremely attractive dish.
Prep Time11 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Course: weight loss
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Keyword: ca-loc-hap-bau-recipe, snakehead-fish-steamed-with-bottle-gourd-recipe
Calories: 2299kcal


  • Snakehead fish 500 gr
  • Fish sauce 20 gr
  • Ginger 3 gr
  • Bottle gourd 1 unit
  • Onion 10 gr
  • Green onion 5 gr
  • Broth mix 3 gr
  • Purple onion 10 gr
  • Pepper 1 gr
  • Carrot 10 gr
  • Red chili 5 gr


  • To cook one delicious snakehead fish steamed with gourd (cá lóc hấp bầu):  Select to buy fresh water snake fish approximately 500 gr, fresh and alive.
    Scale the fish, remove fins and intestines, use salt to clean inside and outside the fish body and clean with fresh water. Use knife to scratch slightly on the fish body so that spices can permeate into the fish.
    Put the fish into the dish or bowl, put 3 gr broth mix, 20 gr of fish sauce, 1 gr pepper, 10 chopped purple onions and 3 chopped gr of ginger. Mix the fish in approximately 15 minutes.
  • When cooking snakehead fish steamed with gourd (cá lóc hấp bầu), it should better to create the shape of the bottle gourd 1 larger part and 1 smaller part, so that you can put fit the fish head and the fish tail.
    Choose to buy the straight shape bottle gourd with similar length of the fish. Clean the gourd, peel or keep the skin of gourd by your own wish, use knife to cut alongside to the length of the gourd, then use knife to cut in zigzag shape line. Use spoon to remove the inner part of the gourd how to fix with the snake fish.
  • How to cook one delicious snakehead fish steamed with gourd: Put the shaped gourd into the kitchen foil, and then put the fish inside the gourd.
    Adding carrot, bulb onion, red chili and green onion on the top of the fish. Use hand to fold the kitchen foil around the gourd and put to the steamer pot and steam approximately 15 minutes for the fish to be cooked.
    Method to steam fish with gourd by kitchen foil makes the fish is undried, delicious, soft and luscious flavor can be kept.
  • Steamed fish with gourd - the delicious dish with extremely simple cooking, promises to generate one nutrious, suitable dish which is suiltable to family’s parties.
    When you enjoy this dish while it is still hot with rice noodle with vegetable, girdle-cake, with sour sweet fish sauce, it is extremely delicious.
    The delcious flabor from snakehead fish in combination with the sweet flavor from the gourd will help you household; meal becomes more delicious and tasty.